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Civil engineering has traditionally been concerned with general aspects of environment, including the conception, design, construction, operation and maintenance of bridges, dams, canals, water treatment facilities, highways, airports and similar structures. Recent advances in science and technology have increased the sphere of interest of civil engineers, involving them with unprecedented challenges and the application of new tools (new laboratory equipment, physical modeling, artificial intelligence, computational technology, lasers, etc.) for accomplishing traditional tasks.

The Department of Civil Engineering at Sharif University of Technology was established in 1972. For the first ten years, both the graduate and undergraduate programs emphasized on structural engineering. Since 1982, the research programs as well as the graduate and undergraduate courses have been extended to other fields of civil engineering. At the present time, the Department of Civil Engineering has 40 full time faculty members, more than 600 graduate and 500 undergraduate students. It has eight areas of concentration: Structural Engineering, Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Highway and Pavement Design, Transportation, Earthquake Engineering, Hydraulic Structures and Construction Management.

B.Sc. and M.Sc. students are admitted to all degree programs based on their performance on the National College Entry Exam for their appropriate academic level. The academic year starts in the fall. The students admitted to our B.Sc. program are among the top 200 of more than 400,000 high school graduates taking the entrance exam each year with a math-physics concentration. Students admitted to our M.Sc. program are normally the top 200 of 20,000 students with B.Sc. degrees, usually in civil engineering, taking the national exam at the M.Sc. level.

The Ph.D. program admits only the most distinguished M.Sc. graduates in civil engineering with proven academic and research abilities.

Our department provides an outstanding education and produces talented and capable engineers and researchers ready to fulfill societal needs and personal achievement.

We would be happy to provide more information regarding our department and program. Please feel free to contact us or any member of our faculty with your questions.

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