Center of Excellence in Aerospace Systems (CEAS)

About CEAS
Center of Excellence in Aerospace Systems (CEAS) was founded in Sharif University of Technology in 2009 to guide and develop national programs and efforts in the field of aerospace knowledge and science. The center is located in Sharif University of Technology which is a pioneer amongst the technical universities in the Middle-East. The center is intended to foster international scientific relations, and to help scientists and researchers to extend frontiers of science and technology. The center is designated to address national needs in the field of aerospace science and technology, in a systematic way. Main focuses of the center are on aircrafts, satellite systems and jet engines. Moreover, all the subjects related to aerospace management are considered in this center.
Main Mission
Decision making and providing consultation services for planning in aerospace science and industries and particularly improving quality and standards of aerospace products and services
Goals & Plans
The main goals of the center can be listed as follow:
• Contribution to innovative technical aerospace designs
• Group design initiatives
Promotion of multi disciplinary and interdisciplinary activities
• Attract talented scientists and experts
• Product-based Industrial Research Projects
• Providing scientific and technical services to the industry
• Publication and documentation of research results in related areas
• New curricula in aerospace education based on national needs
• International training center in aerospace systems design
• National scientific and social congresses and seminars
• To equip and establish research laboratories
• Promoting international relations for the benefit of our people and our university
• National and regional competitions (High School and Undergraduate level)
• Promotion in strategic and technology management studies
• Consultation to the government and international agencies
Fields of Activities
• Aircraft
• Satellite & Space Systems
• Aerospace Technology Management & Strategy Management
• Jet Engines
• UAVs And RPH
• Helicopters
• Design, Simulation and Optimization
• Testing and Evaluation Systems
• Control and Guidance
• Structures
• Aerodynamics
Center Facilities (Labs & workshops)
The laboratories and workshops available to the center include:
• Instrumentation Lab Aerodynamics Lab
• Fuel & Combustion Lab
• High Speed Computation Lab
• Computational Optimization Lab
• Aero Elasticity & Structural Dynamics Lab
• Composite Material Lab
• Simulation, Navigation and Guidance Lab
• Piston Engines Workshop
• Jet Engine Workshop
• Model Airplane Workshop
• Wing Airplane Workshop

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