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 I would like to thank you for visiting the website of Higher Education Office. I also welcome the students, parents, alumni and others who have chosen to familiarize themselves with the university via this portal.


Sharif University has enterred a new, exciting and challenging realm in offering educational services on national and international scales.
In order to prepare unique, creative, flexible, socially and professionally responsible students and graduates, a pile of scientific and technical majors in both graduate and undergraduate levels are being offered. 
In spite the fact that many higher level educational centers are still offering traditional methods and majors, we have striven to keep and reinforce the older methods, meanwhile we are after designing and activating programs that fulfill the national and international requirements of the day for with regard to technical, professional and social requisites of the present century.
To serve the mentioned purpose, and in accordance with the policies of ministry of science and technology, 
these majors are offered.

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