The Research Institute for Science, Technology and Industry Policy

The institute
The research institute for science, technology and industry policy (RISTIP) was founded in mid 2008 through a joint collaboration between Sharif University of Technology and the Expediency Council to conduct interdisciplinary and problem oriented research to help improving the process of policy making in the country. Its vision was to become a national reference point through 5 years and even a regional intellectual reference through 10 years. The growth of its activities and the scope of its research areas along with its qualified researchers momentarily turned it to a well-known centre in the country. RISTIP is now working with almost all high level institutes involved in policy making in areas of science, technology and industry and has developed its original intellectual path.
It is now operating with 3 research groups as introduced below:
Research Group on Science and Technology Policy
Some major projects:
Monitoring science and technology indicators
Analyzing the performance of country in high-tech exports

Research Group on Industry Policy
Some major projects:
Evaluating the performance of government in fourth national plan in the section of industry
Analyzing the statistics systems in target countries and suggesting an appropriate model

Research Group on Policy Methodology and Theory
Some Major Projects:
Developing a methodology for public policy making
A critical analysis of emergence and development on universities in Iran

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