The Center of Excellence in Multi-Access Communication Systems

• The Center of Excellence in Multi-Access Communication Systems is one of the first centers of excellence established in the country in 2000. The goal of this center is to advance the technology in the field of telecommunication access at a world-class level. The rich publications of this group over the years, in high caliber journals such as IEEE Transactions on Communications, Information Theory, Wireless Communications, Vehicular Technology, Photonics, and Signal Processing are a good indication of achieving such a goal.
• Fundamental research in the area of telecommunication access is what this center is established upon. Our vision is to introduce this center to other leading research centers in the world and enhance collaboration with such institutions in different areas of mutual interest. Following up international patents is also another venue in this direction.
• 1- Publishing high-quality papers in reputable international journals
• 2- Establishing international patents and offering them to multinational companies
• 3- Obtaining funding from multinational telecommunication companies for projects of joint interest.
• 4- Inviting well-known international researchers to this center for short visits
• 5- Providing financial support for the academic staff and graduate students
• 6- Sending members of technical staff of this center to research centers throughout the world for short or long term stays.
Research Laboratories:
• 1- Optical Multi-Access Systems
• 2- Mobile Communications
• 3- Signal Processing & Multimedia
• 4- Information Theory & Secure Networks
• 5-Electromagnetics, Propagation, & Microwave Systems
• 6- Game Theory
• 7- Communication Systems
• 8- Networks and Traffic Theory
International Collaboration
• King’s College London, M. Ghavami, M. Shikh-Bahaei, A.H. Aghvami andM. Nakhai
• Uinverity of Waterloo, Prof. Amir K Khandani
• Queen’s University, Prof. Saeed Gazor
• Laval University, Mehrdad Salehi.
• Macmaster University, Shahnaz-Panahi
• IIemenau University of Techno, M Haardt
• EPFL, Prof. M Vetterli and Prof. M Unser
• Universite du Quebec, Sonia Aissa
• University of Gronoble,C. Jutten, Laurent Fesquet
• University of Pisa , Prof. Ginni

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