Center for Technology Studies (CTS)

Center for technology studies is one of the greatest research centers at SUT which handles the various studies related to policy- making, technology management, capability development, etc. CTS was established in 1998 and it has been recognized as the first “Think Tank” in Iranian Science and Technology Ministry in 2006. It is supervised by the president of SUT and consists of four groups and three offices.
 Management & Economics Group
Without promoting innovation capacity and developing new technologies, obtaining rapid economic development and growth will be impossible. Hence, this group, since its establishment in 2001, has placed high priority on policy research, cultural promotion and formulation and implementation of modern technology policy & management approaches. After a long period of activity and involvement in a broad range of projects, the group is pursuing its affairs via four departments:
Industrial Systems & Clusters
Policy Systems
Technology Transfer
Growth Management

Industrial Capability Development studies Group
Pivotal Activities
Performing the studying and research projects in the field of industrial technological policymaking
Consulting the companies and organizations in order to improve the process of decisions making
Holding seminars, conferences, meetings, and panel discussions
Establishing the relations with mass media and press
Publishing books and professional bulletins
Energy and Oil Group
Research programs, professional training and consultancy can be mentioned as three major fields of activities of this group.
Fields of Activities
Different management and economics fields of Energy and Oil industry
Training programs such as workshops, seminars and conferences in Energy and Oil field
Financial & Investment Management Office (FIMO)
Aiming to enhance the communication and interaction between Technology and Economics, some of the graduate and post graduate students of Sharif University of technology established the Financial and investment Management Office of CTS.
Pivotal Activities
International and domestic financing
Financial markets (money and insurance)
Foreign investment
Export development

Urban Planning and Management Office
Healthcare management

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